Finished Object Friday: Owl Mitts

I started working on these when I misplaced my other pair of fingerless gloves.  I got years of wear out of them so they did their job well!

Here’s the finished product:


I’m pretty pleased with how these look. I think they’d also make a good gift as well. Great way to use up about 1/4 skein of any yarn.


See you in 2017.


Finished Object Friday: Final Paper

If you have a finished object that is written & not fiber crafted, it still counts as a finished object, right?  Either way, I’m making an exception for this object because it’s my last one.  I’m also finishing 2 objects for the price of one: the project itself and my academic career, which is another project.

She is called Death, 38 Pages & Destroyer of Incomes & Lives:


I’m handing this in today.  It concludes the last leg of a long, arduous journey that started at a state college with a lot of personal and financial struggles, some accomplishments that I’m pretty proud of attaining considering where I started, and ended at the Ivy League.  Since that time, I’ve changed careers several times, got married, bought a home, and am successful.

Here’s where I continue to brag about myself and my self-importance.  Keep reading.
(Ha! No. Don’t worry.  The humility is coming & it’s very, very real.  See below.)

To be quite honest: I shouldn’t be alive right now.  I’m not being over-dramatic or exaggerating for the sake of good hyperbole.  It’s just the truth.  So writing a post like this is just pretty goddamn amazing to me.  The cards that I’ve been dealt in life did not work out in the favor of someone like me having a shot at the Ivy League in any way.

Yeah.  I can’t even believe I just wrote that.

I still have the same mindset that I had when I started out at the school:  “What the hell are you doing here?  People like you don’t go here.  They know you’re faking it.  Just give up.”  In my mind, places like that are for people who have been in America for a long time – who knew the systems.  Who had non-disruptive lives that didn’t involve a lot of moving around, living overseas, or a lot of the dysfunction and hardship that I’ve had in my life.

If anyone told me years ago that I would have even had a shot at doing what I’ve done, I would have laughed in their faces & told them politely to screw off.  In fact, that’s what I did to the first professor that told me to apply there.  I laughed at her suggestion.  I said,”Really? Are you serious? There is no way. My undergraduate transcript looks like it came from a gun range.”

I put in my application on a lark.

When I got called in for an interview, not knowing that they usually offer those to people that they are almost sure about accepting for admission, I thought: Okay, this is it.  I’ll interview & they’ll see how unqualified I am for this place & how much I don’t belong there.  I’ll get this over with & check on those other school applications. Tell Professor _____ I told you so.

The next day, I got a phone call. They told me that they wanted to let me in.

I even managed to not only keep my job while I did it but to also work my way up the ranks.

Now I’m graduating.

Feel free to share your own badass accomplishments with me in the comments below.

See you in 2017.

Work in Progress Wednesday: Owl Mitts

I recently misplaced my last pair of fingerless gloves.  I use them mainly at work so that I can keep my hands warm while I type.  I sit in a very cold area so having the mitts on helps me stay productive.  I decided that misplacing these gave me an opportunity to work out a quick project that I hadn’t worked on in a while: fingerless gloves.  I love these because with worsted weight yarn it’s very possible to finish this project quickly.

I wasn’t sure about the owl pattern at first. I thought they weren’t really for me but for a younger version of me.   However, I’d always wanted to make these when I was younger and just starting out with knitting. The girl who wrote the pattern was a bit of a knitting idol for me at the time.  She worked at my LYS & was a knitting fiend.  So I picked this pattern out, thinking I could try it & give myself a new pair of gloves.  It would also be a good way for me to see if it would make a good gift for someone else. Either way, I wanted a pattern that would keep it interesting.


So far, I like how they’re turning out!  I also love that I got the opportunity to dig out the Punta Yarns Merisoft Solid, a skein that’s been sitting in my stash for years.  100% merino? Yes, please.  Knitting up nicely.  So delicious. Looking forward to wearing them.

Get the pattern here: Owl Mitts by Sandy Ruppert

Monday Musings: On Being Childfree

I’m childfree but only recently became comfortable with advertising it a bit more in a public space.  In fact, I started this blog as a means for me to get comfortable with myself and the concept of being able to publicly admit my childfree status to many people.

I’m not militantly against kids & in fact, strive to be a great aunt, cousin, & sister. I love knitting baby things for people!  I’m the annoying person that the adults make the younger ones look up to – not on purpose or anything, but because I care a lot for the younger ones in my family.  Some of them are in dire need of a good example of a successfully married & working woman.  I strive to be the most authentic & strong person that I can for them.  I encourage them to push as far as they’re willing to go to better their lives.  I consider this my duty to them – and it’s something I could not do nearly as well if I had my own children.  Not to the degree some of them need me to do it.

My reasons for not having children are incredibly personal & painful outside of some of the common benefits others site for not wanting children:  wanting to have more disposable income, more free time, et cetera.  That stuff is nice too.  But ultimately: being childfree is not about what my reasons are – because they should not matter.

Being childfree, ultimately, is about choice.  It’s about choosing to live the life you want to live outside of societal norms or expectations.

It is about supporting my choice and the choices of those who choose to be childfree for the reasons that you don’t agree with… and the reasons you do.

Work in Progress Wednesday: Project Peace 2016 Cowl, take 2

In our first installment, I’d just started on this cowl. I’m about a day or two behind where I’m supposed to be in the knit-a-long but have made plenty of progress since that time.

The pattern was a good choice for the yarn. It’s always a toss up with the variegated types of yarn but over time, I’ve gotten much better at figuring out if a pattern is a good choice for that type of yarn.

Waiting for my train to take me home. The cowl has grown quite a bit!

I had to tink back a row. It was painful. I did not want to rip back 318 stitches of fingering weight yarn but it had to be done. In case you’re curious: I didn’t rip the row back while drinking. I’ve learned that drinking and correcting knitting mistakes are best left alone for me. I can do one or the other but not both unless I don’t care about what the results look like later.

I LOVE how this colorway is turning out with the waffle stitch pattern!

The stitch definition looks great. I’m very satisfied with it.

Looking forward to finishing it later this month. There’s a good chance I’ll be finishing this on a plane.

Monday Musings: On New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.  In the past, I’ve failed to keep them.  Furthermore, I felt that they contributed to a cycle that I’ve been very guilty of: committing to a goal of some level of importance and then castigating myself for it when I don’t reach it.

I’ve decided to make 2017 different.  I’ve decided to go back to my elementary school roots and purchase a weekly planner.  In school, I was required to keep a planner in order to keep track of assignments.  I would get a new planner every year.  There was a level of discipline that was required in order to use the planner effectively.  With daily use, the habit became easy and almost effortless.  More importantly: the discipline that was needed to keep up with the planner trickled down to other areas in life.  I’m currently at a point in my life where I need an extra boost of that discipline in order to keep track of the stuff in my life right now. So I’ve decided to make attaining that my resolution for 2017.

In 2017, the only resolution that I intend to make is to use the planner that is currently being shipped to me. We’ll see if I can keep the resolution.

What about you?  Do you believe in making resolutions?


Work in Progress Wednesday: Project Peace 2016 Cowl

Here’s my current work-in-progress for the Project Peace knit-a-long cowl with a waffle stitch pattern:



The yarn I’m working with is a skein that I received from a yarn swap: Nina Hand Dyed Yarns Tweed Sock in the Fire colorway.  It’s been a part of my stash for several years.  I love variegated yarns but my experience has been mixed with them. I try to be careful with the pattern I pick for them.  However, I’m happy with this skein as it seems to work with the pattern well. I’m in love with how the reds, oranges, and browns look with the yarn.