Monday Musings: How I Learned to Knit by Jumping Into the Fire

There are some knitters who have learned how to knit from their grandmothers or their mothers:

I am no exception to this time-honored tradition.  Well… except for the “learning how to knit from my mother or grandmother” part. My mother and grandmother have roots in a very hot country.  They lived in an area where crocheting & sewing were more common and knitting was not as popular.  My grandmother was a seamstress for several decades and serves as the inspiration for many of my projects. But alas, they did not teach me how to knit.

In 2008, I decided to learn how to knit for the first time by joining a group on and then volunteering to lead the group after it lost its inactive organizer. The group hadn’t yet held an event for itself & was one day short of being deleted from the website.

Wait… what?!

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